About Marquez Legal

We are a small local law firm focused on construction and residential disputes and litigation. We work to combine our focus of expertise with technology to deliver faster and more cost-effective outcomes for our clients.

Our director Sebastian Marquez (Bachelor of Laws and Masters in Legal Practice) has been a practicing solicitor since 2016. He has a breadth of civil litigation experience under his belt in commercial law, personal injury law and construction law.

Sebastian has a passion for advocacy and innovation. He works to help clients resolve disputes and works to help clients avoid the costs of protracted litigation. Talk to us today about how we can help!

Our Services

Time based litigation

We are specialists in litigation with a focus on commercial practice and personal injury. We deal in construction disputes, certain types of personal injury matters (including Comcare), debt recovery claims and breach of contract claims generally.

As we are experienced litigators we are also able to assist as agents to legal practices that are representing clients in the ACT. This is because to act in the ACT you are required to have an address of service located in the ACT for court administration purposes.

Collaborative arrangements

We have ongoing collaborative arrangements with other legal practices in the ACT that allow us to share and distribute resources. This allows us to provide services to clients located in the City and in Gungahlin.